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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unconditional Love

Since it is Valentines Weekend, I have been having thoughts about 'unconditional love'. To me it is the greatest love. It is love without strings attached. I just spoke about this to my brother and sister the other day. One of my dearest aunts taught me unconditional love. It is what she lived every day of her life and showered upon all of us. We were all so special to her that we thought it was directed to us individually. Not until later in life did I see that she had this love for all her nieces and nephews, friends and family. No one got by her without this love. Her "eyes lit up" every time she saw us. She has since passed on and I keep her picture of the two of us near me to look at each day. That picture shows the unconditional love she had for me and I for her. No money on earth could ever buy that feeling. I strive to show unconditional love to my family. I want them always to see my eyes light up when they walk into a room.


gail said...

Hi Sweetie. I just love people like your special Aunt. How wonderful to have such special memories. I hope you will be starting a great new job this week!!!! :) It will all fall into place just as it should.

Have a pretty day. Happy Valentines Day! (()) gail

Kim Di Maggio said...

Sweet Southern sister, those are magical words and a dear reminder to me. It's almost like you wrote that "just for me." I am off to talk to my beloved nieces and nephews now.


Nancy said...

Susie, I just Love women like you, I so believe in unconditional Love!! You always speak so highly of your Nephews and Nieces and how you look forward to each and every event that involves them. I just bet they feel that Special Aunt Susie Love, as I do when reading your post about them. Thanks for sharing Susie!!
Huggs, Nancy

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Susie,

What a truly wonderful post. You wrote it so beautifully. I think it's so special that you have those wonderful memories. I am also praying that all goes well with the new job. You deserve great things in your life.
Have a fantastic week ahead.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Carol @ The Roseberry Cottage said...

What a wonderful post.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Marie said...

HI Susie,
Thanks for a very thoughtful and thought-provoking post. Your aunt sounds like someone we could all learn from.