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Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Springtime in Paris! Code Red! Code Red!

Once upon a France, perhaps in Paris, I do not really know, beautiful make up was created and exported all over the world by Lancome. Once I became of age to select my own brand of make up I was attracted to Lancome. Perhaps it was the lure of a French company. Perhaps I loved the presentation of the rose and the fun gifts they gave me when I purchased. Perhaps it was wonderful customer service....all I know is I was hooked for life.

I found my signature color many years ago, called "Code Red" and I cannot tell you what a match it was in the heavens for me. This is it. No more searching. Code Red. My color. I would get at least two lipsticks at a time. Then it happened....."discontinued" ..."no longer available"!!! What? I checked their site on line; I called stores carrying their line. Everyone suggested comparable colors, etc. but I needed my Code Red! The other new lipsticks did not have the same feel as the other blend called Rouge Sensation. They no longer made Rouge Sensation lipsticks. The color was passable, but not the feel. I was a raving lunatic. In a panic attack over Code Red lipstick from Lancome. How could I go on? By now you are wondering if you can go on reading this! Well, after I composed myself, I remembered "on line shopping" and searched a well known site for Lancome Code Red Lipsticks. I found someone who had about 6 and you could purchase them in sets of two. Viola! I immediately ordered six. My blood pressure started going down. My lips started smiling again. Big sigh! This is the beauty and convenience of on line shopping that we know all so well. Viva Lancome! Viva On line shops!!

Springtime in Paris

Paris is known for it's outdoor cafes where Parisians and tourists meet for croissants over the morning paper. This is a sweet planter I have cherished for years. It gives me such joy to imagine myself sitting at the Salon du Cafe'. Notice the 'pink' and white awning? Ooh la la! I have been known to fill this with fresh flowers, or use it for brushes, or toothpaste holder in the power room. Viva la France!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Show and Tell

It's Memorial Day...a time of reflection to remember those who have served in our armed forces and have given their lives for our freedom and for those currently serving...We appreciate all you do! God speed.

It is also the 'unofficial' day of the start of the Summer reunions, barbecues, running our toes in the sand at the beach, carnivals, toasting marshmallows over an open pit, gardening, lemonade, and abundant warm sunshine and so much more.

My pictures today celebrate all of the above. The first one is of a child's antique car we found along our jaunt through Pennsylvania. Look at that face! It has been given it's own flower bed so we can enjoy it all summer and give it the honor it so deserves.

The second picture is also a 'truck' filled with red, white and blue flowers to celebrate Memorial Day. We use this as our centerpiece.

The third picture below is my kind of garden decorating, a Grecian lady gracing our courtyard with hydrangeas.

Enjoy your holiday and all the Show and Tell Monday blogs from Make Mine Pink.

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Time for Show and Tell Monday!

"Beach Bouquet"
A painting from my talented artist sister, Liz. Doesn't this just remind you of Summer days past? I can feel the ocean breeze and smell the fragrance of the flowers. Nothing like a reliable, rusty old bicycle to get us around town and down to the beach. Once there, off go the flip flops or sneakers, where we sink our toes into the warm sand to take a leisurely walk by the shore. I'm ready for Summer, if we can only get to Spring!

(Prints available, signed and numbered $45.00)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Here are a few treasures I found while antiquing on the north shore. Now I have to decide....hmmmm.....keep for Susie or add to my Little Pink Boutique, The Polka Dot Rose....decisions, decisions.... The first picture is of a three heavy glass canisters with blue metal screw on tops, which will look perfect filled with buttons, marbles, M & Ms, or on a vanity for cotton balls, costume jewelry, bling etc.; In the next shop I came across a unique pink hatbox with a quilted top. Seems to be from the 50's. Inside this wonderful find was a vintage hat! I put the hat on my head immediately and waited for my sister to walk in the shop and see me. What fun! I knew I had to leave with these gems. I also saw a sweet little creamer from Germany with the loveliest flowers. I left there a very happy gal! This was a "tag sale" at an Antique Shop. Double Joy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lilacs For Mom

Nothing reminds me more of Mother's Day than seeing the lilacs bloom. They arrive in their splendor exactly in time. I know God has a plan because he sends us lilacs to honor our Moms. I like to fill my vintage pitchers with all the lilacs I can put my hands on as their season is so short lived. The aroma of fresh lilacs wafting through each room is so intoxicating. They represent romance and love. So be sure to pick some lovely lilacs to present to your Mom and she will know she is loved. Happy Mother's Day!