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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Power of Pink

I just received an email to call for an interview and it is tomorrow at 11:30! She asked if I was presently working and I said no. She replied "Oh good!!!!". She apologized and I said she is the very first person who has ever been excited that I am not working. So we are starting off on a humorous note. I am trying to breathe as I am extremely excited.
This was a follow up with this company. I tried almost two years ago with them to no avail. I sent out my resume and cover letter on my primo lightly pink paper and viola, I get an email! It must have been the touch of pink! This is the power of the written word sent through the mail. Someone had to hold my pink envelope and swear they saw a light pinkness to it. Someone had to open it up by letter opener and read the contents. Someone had to walk it over to the President of the Company as it was directed for him to see. He told someone to contact me for an interview. My letter and resume is now on someone's desk awaiting our interview. A light shade of pink...
I feel like I already have the job. I am starting Monday.
And if I do not get this job, it is great practice for my next interview...
Never give up hope. Never stop trying. Turn the I can't into I can try.

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