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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Pillows and Purses for Pink Friday

If there's anything a girl can't have enough of it's pretty purses by day and pillows at night.
A woman's purse can reveal a lot about her personality. If you're fun and flirty, you might carry a giraffe handbag or a pearl patent purse with pink polka dots. For the more reserved - a collector of all things pretty and vintage - perhaps a romantic summertime bag with roses and bachelor buttons. You can even show your "green" side with a straw handbag decorated with rescued jewelry, belts, buckles and various embellishments.You can celebrate the many sides of your "purse"-onality with a purse that allows you to change covers and quickly as you change your mood. Or announce your uniqueness with a one of a kind "little black bag" - a vintage beaded black handbag.Pillows can change their personalities too, as easily as changing a pillowcase. For sweet dreams, there are sweet heart hand-embroidered pillowcases. Feel nostalgic with vintage cutwork pillowcases. Or create a fun look by layering a bed with lots of pillows covered in different Southern Bell pillowcases. Pillows make a statement all their own. Rescued vintage needle point pillows grace the finest parlors and boudoir chairs. They can be reminiscent of a special event or a special someone, like a floral monogram pillow with the initial of someone you love. A wedding keepsake pillow made with an antique style certificate or your favorite wedding photograph. Beautiful pillows made from antique doilies and vintage dresser scarves.Some pillows are fun and used to make a space colorful and whimsical,like a chocolate dipped strawberry pillow, a blue cupcakes pillow, or a handmade slice of cake pillow with satin pink roses and pink lace trim. A whimsical teapot pillow with Battenburg lace to set on the guest bed or porch swing. You can even grow a garden of pillows with mauve ribbon flower hearts, heart pillows with roses and pink ribbed chenille, and a pink roses throw pillow.No matter what your style or what mood you're in, you can surround yourself with pretty purses and pillows designed to express exactly what you're feeling.

Photo Contribution 1: Mama's Pocketbook Photo Contribution 2: C'est Chouette
Photo Contribution 3: Gail Friend Designs Photo Contribution 4: Janets Creative Pillows

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Officially Christmas in July!

It is officially Christmas in July at the boutiques of Make Mine Pink ( starting July 20th through July 26th. There are gifts to win, specials going on, free gift wrapping, gifts with purchase, and so much more. I know it is difficult to think of the holidays but they are right around the corner. Shop at your leisure, in your jammies or beach wear, any time of the day, and your packages will be delivered right to your doorstep. No one will suspect Santa coming this time of year! Have fun! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Show and Tell ~ Angels on my Doorstep

BINGO! BINGO! BINGO! Just five little letters when stated out loud with glee brings the most wonderful gifts to my doorstep! This time I won a gorgeous angel, a piece of Heartwood Creek by the artist Jim Shore, called "Summer restores the Soul". How true. A Summer Angel. Who doesn't need more angels in their world? I will cherish this forever. This lovely was donated by the beautiful on line boutique of Coeur d'Alene ( which is part of the shops on Make Mine Pink ( Thank you Nancy!
Okay, now I have a confession. I need to unload my heavy Bingo heart. You see, Make Mine Pink holds Bingo games every now and then for everyone to take part in. I won the last two Bingo games! Me. Little ole me! Now I have winner's remorse. I have had too much fun. Is there such a thing? I won a beautiful necklace and earring set from The Sassy Beach ( and now my sweet angel. I am going to try real hard not to win the next game. I wanted to say I will not play but it is so much fun that I must play! Come on! Play! What do you have to lose?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

An English Garden at Pink Friday

The English cottage was introduced by British aristocrats who admired the simple beauty of the homes of farmers and craftsmen. These nobles hired architects to design similar buildings for them. The English cottage soon became popular with the general population, especially in North America, because its small scale made it more accessible. Today, the country charm of an English cottage can be created in any home, not just those with thatched roofs and ivy covered walls. The windows of an English cottage are often decorated with delicate lace curtains or a floral fabric, like cabbage rose print. A cozy window seat provides a perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea in the china cup passed down from a grandmother.On the walls of an English cottage hang framed nature prints or memories preserved in vintage frames. A bird tin wall plaque, a collection of framed vintage postcards, or a carefully stitched sentiment, are equally at home here. Favorite family photos in antique frames might hang in the hall, a vintage framed mirror in the entranceway.

The cottage cupboard is an essential element of the English cottage and is used for storage or to display a collection of treasures. On its shelves you might find a glass vase painted with pink roses, an antique English teapot with plum flowers, or a vintage cottage plate. This is the place to store the embroidered tea towels from your mother or the vintage pure white linens you bring out for special occasions. Outside in the cottage garden, you'll find colorful blooms and roses, or ivy that climbs trellises and arbors. Homemade bird houses wrought iron bird baths, welcoming garden statues, and sweet garden plaques create a cottage feel here too. With cottage touches in just the right places, the simple beauty of a country cottage can live anywhere, not just in the English countryside.
by Joyce Lucas, Founder of Make Mine Pink (
Photo Contribution 1: C'est Chouette Photo Contribution 2: Petite Bookstore

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Artist's Reception at East End Winery

Take one talented artist, who happens to be my sister Liz, add a beautiful Summer evening in July, have a wonderful east end winery, Palmer Vineyards of Riverhead, Long Island, New York, invite her to feature her art for the entire Summer into Harvest, invite everyone, and what do you get? A perfect Friday night with the arts! Liz parked her 1951 red Chevy truck out front with a banner to let the world know her reception was at the winery that evening.
On the grounds between the two buildings a beautiful, healthy array of nibbles was set out for everyone to enjoy in between their wine testings and art appreciation. Liz and her friend Ronnie set the display inside vintage toy trucks!

I cannot pass up a hydrangea without taking a picture. The grounds were so beautiful!

This is a little display that was on the bar where the wine testings went on. It shows the reflection of the sun, but if anyone knows what type of Summer we have been having, who am I to compain about the sun? :) Notice the little red truck to the left holding Liz's business cards. Do you know she loves old trucks?

I captured my sister Nancy and nephews Rob, Dave and Matt finding a special seating area right near the rows and rows of grapes. The sun was starting to set and everyone was beginning to move to the deck and ground area to take in more of God's glory of the day.

A couple of Liz's newest additions.This show was called "Big and Bold".

This last picture Liz called an abstract of a truck. She loves trying new techniques. There was so much more. This is just a little inkling of the evening and the artist's work.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Porch and Garden at Pink Friday

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday June 10, 2009 as we present "SUMMER PORCH AND GARDEN"There's nothing more inviting than a summer porch and garden. It can be a source of shade when the temperature gets too warm, a place of shelter during a gentle summer rain, or just a place to sit with someone special on a lazy summer day. It can be a welcoming start your day with your favorite antique tea cup in hand or a front row seat to watch the sunset from the weathered oak rocker, that in it's day sat proudly in your grandmother's home.
A welcoming porch and garden can create a friendly entryway to your home. A welcome sign hand painted with pink roses perched against the railing or a lilac berry wreath with a scent as inviting as it looks, letting guests know that you're glad they're here before you've said a word. If entertaining guests, perhaps vintage chairs, refinished and made comfortable with dainty floral needlepoint cushions, or a white painted table set with a vintage lace-tablecloth like your mom and before her - grandmother used.
With the right accessories, a porch and garden can even become an extension of your home. For candlelit evenings, a candle inside a topiary lantern casting a romantic glow. For lazy afternoons, a daisy metal basket filled with fresh cut flowers, a knitting project, or even as cliche as this sounds, a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and a favorite books. Tucked in the corner, a vintage pink metal watering can kept handy to water the flowers in the window boxes while the lace curtains on the windows gently sway in the afternoon breeze. As much comfort as your home, with the right accessories.

You can add a cottage touch to your garden with decorations like ceramic garden mushrooms and inspiring garden plaques sprinkled with just the right amount of glitter. Tea cup bird feeders, handmade birdhouses, and antique iron birdbaths are all welcome sites for feathered friends. Remember to add a touch of whimsy just to make you smile - like a basket of flowers placed on a pink bicycle.
No matter what your summer days hold, a porch and garden can provide the ideal setting for friends, family and even a private retreat. Won't you join me for a cup of tea as we help you design your summer porch and garden. Photo Contribution 1: Camelia Cottage Photo Contribution 2: Shabby Shan's Cottage

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shades of Red White and Blue Just for You!

With shades of red, white and blue surrounding us, celebrations of life can happen any day. Shades of red, white or blue remind me of 4th of July parties and fireworks and special times with family and friends. Vintage aprons, adorned with red roses against what was once a vivid blue, now slightly worn with time. Blue and white checked linens - once grandmother's finest, still carrying traces of the 4th of July picnics I had as a child. Pale blue Depression glass against the finest white tablecloth, topped with a white milk glass vase and filled with the summer flowers. On the wall, a white French farmhouse shelf displays white china hand painted with red and blue buds Adding a little color to your table, shades of red, white and blue can turn any meal into a celebration. Blue and white Italian place settings against a red tablecloth. An angel food cake atop a favorite white cake stand, topped with fresh summer blueberries and strawberries. Red sugar-coated candies in a white candy dish hand painted with blue forget-me-nots. Hanging nearby, white and blue checked kitchen towels decorated with shiny red apples Placed somewhere unexpected, red, white and blue can create a burst of color in any corner. Red roses on canvas and hung on a freshly painted blue wall. A piece of broken china jewelry - tiny blue and red roses against pure white china. A white lace sun catcher, with a red and blue design, hanging in the window. In the guest bathroom, a blue tissue box holder painted with white and red flowers. Tucked into a corner of your purse, a blue hanky trimmed with red and embroidered with white daisies. And dangling from your wrist, a bracelet made of cinnabar, turquoise beads and bone. For a special touch of whimsy, plug in 4th of July light bulbs in red, white and blue. Use a white table runner with appliqu├ęd blue rabbits and red rose buds. Display faux strawberries dipped in white chocolate placed in a blue cake box that looks pretty enough to eat. You can wear a soldered charm of red breasted robins against an azure sky, sprinkled with white German glass glitter or write on the white pages of a notebook decorated with red roses and blue ribbons. With shades of red, white and blue surrounding us, celebrations of life can happen any day.
Photo Contribution 1: The Sassy Beach Photo Contribution 2: Grandma G's Cottage Photo Contribution 3: Candy Lights
By: Joyce Lucas, Make Mine Pink (