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Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Woke up to a white Winter wonderland this morning. It finally snowed here in New York and it was so quiet and peaceful. Schools is out for Winter break. It seemed as if the entire neighborhood was indoors looking at the snowflakes falling. I got dressed to go out and clean off the car so I could go to work. The more I was outdoors, the more I wanted to stay home. After all, it was Friday and we haven't had snow all Winter! I mustered up my nerve and called my boss to ask for a snow day off. I even volunteered to take a vacation day if need be; I just needed to have a snow day. My very own. Anyone who knows me knows I do not care for Winter. I am a Summer gal. I literally freeze under 80 degrees. I felt the need to savour the wonderment of the snowfall, the quietness of the neighborhood. I enjoyed watching the cats and their little day schedule - eat, play, wash, sleep, eat, play, wash, sleep. They always teach me how to relax. So I took a snooze. It was decadent and delightful. All the stresses of the week snoozed away into dreamland and when I awoke, I felt refreshed and renewed. Like the landscape refreshed by the clean fallen snow.