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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Springtime in Paris

Paris is known for it's outdoor cafes where Parisians and tourists meet for croissants over the morning paper. This is a sweet planter I have cherished for years. It gives me such joy to imagine myself sitting at the Salon du Cafe'. Notice the 'pink' and white awning? Ooh la la! I have been known to fill this with fresh flowers, or use it for brushes, or toothpaste holder in the power room. Viva la France!


Patricia said...

Susie, that is adorable. Love the pink and white awning and, man, how nice would it be to be sitting there sipping a cafe au lait??


Janet Bernasconi said...

OOH LA LA SUSIE! That lipstick is perfect foe moi! I love red lipstick. Your Springtime in Paris! Oh don't you just wish you were sitting in Paris right now sipping french coffee? lol
Good luck today!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

Hi! Susie...Love the lipsticks too! Makes you want to get all "dollied" up!!! Cindy :)