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Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Springtime in Paris! Code Red! Code Red!

Once upon a France, perhaps in Paris, I do not really know, beautiful make up was created and exported all over the world by Lancome. Once I became of age to select my own brand of make up I was attracted to Lancome. Perhaps it was the lure of a French company. Perhaps I loved the presentation of the rose and the fun gifts they gave me when I purchased. Perhaps it was wonderful customer service....all I know is I was hooked for life.

I found my signature color many years ago, called "Code Red" and I cannot tell you what a match it was in the heavens for me. This is it. No more searching. Code Red. My color. I would get at least two lipsticks at a time. Then it happened....."discontinued" ..."no longer available"!!! What? I checked their site on line; I called stores carrying their line. Everyone suggested comparable colors, etc. but I needed my Code Red! The other new lipsticks did not have the same feel as the other blend called Rouge Sensation. They no longer made Rouge Sensation lipsticks. The color was passable, but not the feel. I was a raving lunatic. In a panic attack over Code Red lipstick from Lancome. How could I go on? By now you are wondering if you can go on reading this! Well, after I composed myself, I remembered "on line shopping" and searched a well known site for Lancome Code Red Lipsticks. I found someone who had about 6 and you could purchase them in sets of two. Viola! I immediately ordered six. My blood pressure started going down. My lips started smiling again. Big sigh! This is the beauty and convenience of on line shopping that we know all so well. Viva Lancome! Viva On line shops!!


Silena said...

Hi Susie,
Your story about the discontinued Lancome Lipstick is identical to mine...only mine is Shiseido "Bordeaux". I have been in a funk over the loss of that lipstick for 2 years now...nothing even comes close...and it is not just the color, but the formula (nothing is the same). Thanks for the advise....I will look on-line!!
Your blog is beautiful!!

Patricia said...

Susie, you are so funny. You have quite a way with words describing this catastrophe. Glad right triumphed over might and you have your lipstick!


Cottage Flair said...

I love your story. I worked for Prescriptives for years and had many, many customers just like you, myself included. (the color was called Athena!!).

Roxie said...

Very funny story Susie. You are not alone when it comes to panicking when you find out your absolute favorite thing in the world is "discontinued". I'm so glad you found your Code Red. You've now inspired me to go out there in search of my Mary Kay Revitalizing Cologne Spray. I too would buy in bulk, only to find out a few years ago that is was no longer. I think I might have even shed a tear.
I'm going to google right now to see if there are any bottles left out there somewhere is cyberspace. LOL

gail said...

Oh Susie that is hillarious!!! I hate when they discontinue something you love. I hope your code red lasts and lasts forever!! Pink hugs, gail

Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

You are so funny..I know exactly what you mean..I mix and match all the time..LOL

Cathy said...

Oh Susie, I wish you were my neighbor too. We would have so darn much fun, wouldn't we. Sisters in everything pink!

I gardened early this morning and now it's 95 outside so I'm in the a.c. house. I woke up around 3:30 so I think a need to take a nap.