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Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Joys

I received a package last week and unbeknown to me it was the greatest cat entertainment center of all! I put it down on the floor after unpacking it and wanted to put it out to the trash when 'it' happened. The furbabies discovered it pronto and now fight to maintain occupancy of this much coveted mailing box. Who knew? Each time I walk past it, there is another cute furry face in there looking way too cool or sleeping away in it. So, save your money at the pet store. Next time you get a package, just place it on the floor and watch your furry creatures discover it over and over and over again. Delightful!


gail said...

Hi Susie,,, My cats also love the boxes, but they also love the card board tubes wrapping paper comes wrapped on. Tee Hee!

I hope you and the furry kids are staying nice and warm!
(()) Gail

Cottage Flair said...

Too cute! I think kids are the same ... they'd rather play with the boxes!

Sharon said...

too funny.

Janet Bernasconi said...

lol Susie!

I just love your post. I get such a kick out of watching kitties in a box. They love to play in them so much. THanks for your sweet comment at MMP. I really appreciate it. Please visit me whenever you can and keep in touch. I will pop in to say hello now and then. Hope you are doing great Susie. I always did enjoy your posts and your great personality. ;-)


Shabby Shan said...

Hi Susie,
Your kitty cat is so pretty! Isn't it funny at what simple things can entertain them! Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Hope you have a nice week!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Mary Patterson said...

AHH ... the simplicities of life! I loved your post & especially the picture ... so precious. I love your cheerfulness, Miss Sunshine!
Mary Helen P
Mary's Cottage Treasures