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Monday, September 7, 2009

Show and Tell

Variety is the spice of life, 'they' say....and so is my show and tell this week.

Here is a wonderful little set of six rose melamine dessert dishes I came across awhile ago and just rediscovered them. Did you know I can go treasure shopping right in my own home too? It is amazing the goodies I have tucked away just waiting in ernest to be brought out. The picture to the right show the new additons to my gift tag line.
The next picture is a new project a did and I love it so I wonder if I'll be able to part with it. Since I have collections of old laces, and gorgeous pins and brooches, I am constantly thinking of how I can debut my lovelies. Of course, I have my "If The Shoe Fits~Altered Art for Cinderella Dreams Slipper Shoes" but I needed to spread out in my creative space. It is a blend of old and new; tated lace surrounding a brooch of purples, enclosed in a classy new silver frame. Kind of sounds like me...old and tatered, covered in purple all dressed up in my classy new silver frame! Hey, I think I'm on to something here! Now, where do I get that frame????.......


Sharon said...

Beautiful~ I love the frame~it is soooo Susie Q~ oxo~S

Lisa said...


Love the dishes! The tags are super cute too. That frames is gorgeous, I love lace!


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Susie,

Your pink dessert dishes are truly a treasure!! I love them!!

Pei Li

gail said...

Hi Susie... I love the new tags! The frame is so cute. The plates are so cute. I hope you have a great creative week. I will be working on your bracelets this week and get them right out to you.
(()) gail

Carolee Crafts said...

I love the frame so pretty and the dishes pink!

Know what you mean about old and tattered I am feeling like that constantly, if I don't look in the mirror I am alright, lol.

Patricia said...

Susie, my gosh,you've been busy. The tags are going to be great with the holidays around the corner, the dessert dishes are pretty-I should probably try thrifing in my house too!-and the frame is great idea (do I see a whole new product line here?).

Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hi sweetness! I love your original art piece! Beautiful! I can just imagine all the wonderful treasures in your cottage. My kinda place to come for a visit!
bunny hugs,

Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

Susie, what sweet pretties!!! Oh yes, one can shop in my house too, LOL! Little by little I am photographing them and adding them, too!

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Susie,
Love your new creations, the tags and the new way to display jewelry. Can’t beat the price of shopping in your own house, those plates are way cute!
;0) Helene
ps. Yes, we had a great time in Ventura, I would not mind live up there and close to the beach!