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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Always Strawberry Season

Today is Monday Show and Tell at the boutiques at Make Mine Pink (, so pour yourself a nice iced tea and take a look.

It's always strawberry season at my home! June is one of my favorite months because fresh strawberries are out at the farm stands. I try to frequent the local stands and enjoy the strawberries as long as I can.

My pictures for show and tell today is of my vintage table and chairs I found at an antique shop a few years ago. that was done by a local artist. My sister and I went up to Brimfield Antique Show and I was trying to find a new table and chairs. We came home with knick knacks and paddywacks. When I least expected it, I saw this set at an antique shop near home and I had to have it. I fell in love with it. It was fun, whimsical, had strawberries that I loved, and it was a repurposed table and chairs! It even has a little silverware draw in it, so perhaps it is of the 40's or 50's. It did not match anything in my home. I didn't care. Isn't that how you feel when love hits you?

This table brings me joy each day when I see it. I have changed my kitchen/dining room to black and white toile, checks and one pinky red wall. Very striking. I love it!


Cottage Flair said...

Strawberry picking season is the best. We are fruit smoothie nuts at our house. What a beautiful table. Great find!

Theresa said...

Oh Susie,
I love it, too. Strawberries are a favorite of mine, and when combined with checks, woowee, you just can't beat that. And that little touch of yellow from the bowls. You go girl!
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Lisa said...


I love the table, it is awesome. A great find indeed.


Patricia said...

I agree with you, Susie! I have brought in things that no one appreciates but me. But if you get up every morning and smile because of it, it belongs in your house!! I love the table and chairs, it would make me smile, too.


Debbie said...

Hi Susie....I love your table!!! Sometime you should show us pics of the rest of your kitchen...I bet it is really cute. :)

Pink hugs,

Craft Diva said...

that is so cool, susie. i think i would have snatched that baby up too! what a fun theme.

Susan said...

OMG! How neat is that! But I love this line~~
knick knacks and paddywacks~~
Just wonderful...and I am a strawberry freak despite hives...
Susan (dutchrose)

Michelle M. May said...

Wow Susie! What a pretty table! I would love to see more pictures of that room.I know it's so charming.


gail said...

Hi Susie,,, I love yor table,, just adorable. I would love it too. Black, white and red is such a pretty color combination. I love strawberries to. Its hard to find really fresh ones here, but when you do, its a great day!!! LOL pink hugs, gail

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Susie,
I finally got a chance to catch up on all wonderful Show & Tell from Monday. Oh, your strawberry table is adorable, I understand why you just had to have it!! I never been to Brimfield but that is on my list to do one day, can’t wait to go……..
Sisters Gift Company

Sue said...

I LOVE that table! Has all of my favorite colors. I agree that strawberry time is the best! We have had some wonderful ones this season.