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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is an email I received from my brother, who lost his best friend, his Casey. We have all been very emotional as we are all very close sibblings and when one cries, we all cry, when one laughs, we all laugh. I am grateful to have been there today when he called me early this morning and then again as he rode back to spend time and say goodbye to Casey. It is not an easy read, but something we all have to face one time or another, when we love our fuzzy pets:

'It's with a very heavy heart that I am sending this update. At approximately 11:50 a.m., today, Casey was put to sleep with me by her side, petting her. We've gone through a lot together and I wanted to be there with her when she passed.

I got to bed at 3:45 am and was woken out of my sleep by a phone call from Dr. Nutini at 5:15 am. She said test results showed that she was anemic and possibly had internal bleeding and suggested more testing. Lack of sleep and disbelief was making it impossible to make a decision on what to do... give the okay for more testing or the harder option... having her put to sleep. Susie, thank you for helping me see through the fog. Susie said, "You should do the right thing for Casey." After hanging up with Susie and giving it some thought the obvious thing to do for both Casey and I was to not throw in the towel so quickly... she deserved that much. I approved further testing then laid down to try to sleep... nice try.

Between 9:30 and 10:00 am Dr. Nutini called to let me know that the tests confirmed what they thought was the case. Casey had a large growth in her stomach that appeared to have metastasized (spread through her body). Game, set, match... only one option remained. What a punch in the gut. They told me I could come in and spend some time with her and, if I chose, I could stay for the end. That's what I did.

I grabbed my camera, a pack of tissues and a Milk Bone and headed for the critical care center. I arranged to pay before hand because I didn't want to have to conduct business afterwards. An awesome vet, Dr. Lugones, called me into an exam room. We spoke for a while. She told me how the procedure would go and let me know that the staff gave her bacon and eggs and she woofed it down. She left and came back with Casey.

Casey was in good spirits (which made it all the more difficult). She was happy to see me and kept walking over to the exam room door as if to say, "Comeon Dad! Let's get out of here!" I handed Dr. Lugones the camera so she could capture the last few moments of what was a wonderful relationship (I've attached them below to tear at your heart strings).
Dr. Lugones was crying as she took the pictures (yes, I was too).

Then she gave Casey and I fifteen minutes alone. Then she came back we both sat on the floor with Casey sitting in the middle. First she gave Casey a sedative that basically knocked her out and then gave her the lethal injection. Gone... Good-bye lil pup-pup. I love you and I'll miss you dearly.

One last treat...

Okay... one more...

Kissing that nose a thousand times for those that weren't there...
Best friends to the end ( she looks so happy)...

Feel free to call to console me... I'm devastated. " [Note to readers: Pictures not shown]

Rest peacefully Casey and thank you for loving my brother unconditionally for twelve loyal years. Wait for him at the Rainbow Bridge.


Janet Bernasconi said...

Dear Susie,

My tears a flowing down my face. I am so sorry that Casey had to be put to sleep. I had a dear sweet cat many years ago and also had to put it to sleep. It was so painful. I cried and cried. But rest assured that Casey is in a better place happily playing and no longer suffering. And I do believe that someday your brother will see Casey again.
This was a beautiful tribute and I thank you for sharing it with us. I wish I could see a picture of Casey.
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Silena said...

Hi Susie,
So sorry for you and for your beloved brother....yes pet are dear family members and when we lose them it sears our hearts. They love us unconditionally and ask so little of us. We have lost a few wonderful little friends over many years, but we always find it in our hearts to find another to seems to help, if only a little. We still remember and love everyone of them. My thoughts and prayers for you and your brother and may Casey be happy in little dog heaven!!

SoCal Helene said...

Susie, …….wow! Me too is crying over here, I know the pain your brother is going through. Casey will always be in you brother’s heart and the wonderful memories of Casey can no one take away. Thank you for sharing.
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Theresa said...

Pets! They love so unconditionally. They are there for us.
Your brother was there for Casey, and I believe he will see Casey again.
What a great tribute.
Thanks Susie, my sweet southern sister,

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Suzi, I have been there.. I know the pain, the sense of loss, the tears, the emptiness he will feel for months. Tell your brother he is not alone and that he is being lifted up in prayer... Thank you for sharing Casey's story. Our furry babies are so much a part of our lives and I love that you posted a tribute. (( ))

Patricia said...

Susie, thank you for sharing your brother's tribute to Casey. It leaves such a gaping hole in our lives when we lose our faithful companions of so many years. Casey will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.


Marie said...

This is so sad. I had almost exactly the same experience last year with my cat Sam. I also agreed to more testing and then went to be with him in the end. My heart goes out to all who knew and loved Casey.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

You have me choked up here. What a beautiful tribute. Many kind thoughts for your brother and Casey and family.

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

I am bawling my eyes out as I type this. It brings back the memories of my having to put my cat Patches to sleep in March 2008. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Our animals are our furry children and e love them so much. Casey will be waiting for your brother on the other side, eager to play and pick up where they left off. My condolences to your brother.

Trisha said...

Susie, what a sweet post about Casey. I too have been there and it is a very hard thing to go through. How wonderful that your brother has you for support. What a wonderful family you must have.