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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Animals Need Toys Too!

Who needs to buy toys?? Animal toys, that is. Yesterday I came home from the butcher with a brown paper bag. Emptied it out and threw it on the floor and it has entertained the cats since then. I am getting quite a kick out of it as each one is into playing hide and seek in this crinkely brown bag. I put it under a chair so it is out of the way and yes, if anyone stops over there is a paper bag under the chair here, and a big mailing box (for cats only) over's all about the furry kids after all. So...when out shopping for your furry friends, remember just to buy something nice for yourself in a paper bag and bring the bag home for endless hours of joy!


gail said...

LOL,,, I know exactly what you mean. Its the most fun around here when I start wrapping Christmas gifts. So many plastic bags, bows and paper to get into. Its their perfect holiday celebration!

Have a pretty week... (()) gail

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Funny how the bunnies love those brown bags too!
So glad we're friends sweetness. You are a treasure.
Merry Christmas!