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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sassy Ladies of Summer Lane

"Rhonda" still thinks of Las Vegas when she dresses for the nightclubs in the Hamptons. Oh that gal loves her bling! Too much is never enough for her. What a gem!

"Colleen" is the picture of a Summer's day; fresh as a daisy and just as perky too. Colleen loves to picnic in the village green amongst the hydrangea gardens.


Lisa said...


Those gals are sassy and cute! Love them.


gail said...

Hi Susie,,, I love Rhonda and Colleen... So sassy and cute! I know they must be so fun to create! I hope you are having a great week!
Take care,,, hugs for you, gail

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh they are such fun Susie! I love them. Colleen is my favorite! I picture a woman in a wide brimmed hat and some Jackie O glasses to match! Fabulous!
bunny hugs,

Kim Di Maggio said...

Susie, I just love the names you give these! I think that I will have to get you to name my pieces! Miss talking to you. Ready to go shopping again?


Patty/PinkHugsSweetShoppe said...

I love the new gals in the neighborhood, they are defintely trouble those two. LOL.
Pink Hugs, Patty

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Susie,

Those are so cute!! What fun names you have for them. They each have a character of their own!

Have a great week!

Pei Li

Tedi said...

Susie, How cute! What a "shoe" talent you have! Hugs, Tedi