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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pink Friday is In the Hope Chest

Everyone ususally has hope chest memories. I grew up with my Mom's hopechest (which she received from her parents), holding cherished possessions: her dear Mom's blue lace dress from their 50th wedding anniversary. My own Mom's wedding dress was there. One of my dresses as a two year old (I still have that!); and other items which were kept in a safe place from the moths season to season. It was that very hope chest I started putting my "when I marry the man" treasures into. It is when I began my collection for Fenton hobnail milkglass. Then once I became engaged, the engagement gifts went into the hopechest. It was brimming with hope, dreams and wishes. My sister Nancy is the keeper of Mom's hopechest. Each daughter took one of Mom's most cherished possessions. I, luckily, have two. My Mom's antique pitcher and bowl set; her most loved marble table. What makes them so valuable? Her love for her treasures. My memories of her love for them.
Last year after one of my dear Aunties passed on, we were blessed to be a part of going through her hopechest with my cousin. It was like sacred territory to me. To see all the goodies my aunt just could not part with; projects started with hope to be finished someday; linens, yarns; fabrics, etc. I came home with some of my Aunt's gems for enjoyment in my own home.

Today please go to and visit the boutiques hope chest offerings. Click on Pink Friday packages and you are there! Enjoy!

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Susie I loved this really brought back memories for me.