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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Boys

Here are my fuzzy boys; Peanut, who is not a peanut anymore, loves to sleep and has a Garfield attitude; Homer (after artist Winslow Homer, nicknamed Blackie), a bulley with the cats but is afraid of his own shadow. He runs if he sees anything black! Check out his little nose, it is heart shaped!; Hopper (after artist Edward Hopper, nickname Orange Boy) is my velcro. He is stuck to me like glue. He would rather snuggle than eat anyday and finally, Little Guy, our last addition. He came into our home one Valentine's day and stole all of our hearts. We were worried how the older cats would take to him. They each think he is their baby. And Little Guy knows how to play up to all of them. Homer and Hopper came with my sister Liz when she moved in with me. I never thought I would have a cat let alone four cats. Each has their own personality. They all run to the door to greet every guest that arrives. They are very loving and friendly, just like me! (Note: My pics are on the dark side, if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see cats clearer.....I'm still learning!)


gail said...

Hi Susie, I love your furry boys!!! I am a cat lover too. I have my fair share! Isnt this blog thing fun? Take care my pink friend.gail

Debbie said...

Susie.....they are all four adorable! I'm glad you are posting more on your blog now....I am such a blog addict. :)

Debbie - Cozy Cottage

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Susie, your kitties are so adorable. What a pleasure it must be to come home to all that purring and love. Thanks so much for being a good mommy and showing off your babies. Hope your having a peaceful Sunday.


Janet Bernasconi said...

OMG...Susie! I just love your cats! Every single one of them are so adorable. I'm so happy you will be entering them into my monthy Cat Contest. I hope they win!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Marie said...

Hi Susie,
What handsome little devils they are. I bet they are lots of fun, too. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Susie, your furkids are adorable! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hello Susie,
Love the pics of your cats. I have two boy cats Peter (black & white) & Benjamin (gray & white). I would love to have another orange tabby as I lost my beloved orange tabbies Basil at 14 years old & Tarragon at 20 years old. There is just something about an orange tabby!!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

They are all so cute! I can just see them running to the door to greet "their" guests! Thanks for sharing.

Pink hugs, Karen

Beloved Creations said...

They are so handsome!